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The UFFO Gallery

The UFFO Gallery
Trutnov - UFFO Trutnov - UFFO v noci Galerie UFFO (foto Miloš Šálek)1 Galerie UFFO ( foto Miloš Šálek) 2 Galerie UFFO ( foto Miloš Šálek)3 Galerie UFFO ( foto Miloš Šálek) 4
Náměstí Republiky 999, 541 01 Trutnov, Střední Předměstí
Phone: (00420)739 471 380
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The UFFO Gallery is part of a unique multi-functional cultural space – the UFFO Trutnov social centre, unique both for its architectural style and especially for the wide range of modifications which the main hall design allows. The gallery itself is a grand architectural space, differing from traditional exhibition interiors. The exhibition area occupies 300 sq.m., with the front face and sides framed in the glazed outer walls of the building and with an arched ceiling inside. This makes the room spacious and transparent. The exhibition area is located on the 1st floor, and is connected by a stairway and a lift with the ground floor and the basement. It is conceived as a public space which people come to see not only as a usual gallery, but also for theatre performances, concerts and other cultural and social events. Visitors to exhibitions and all other events held in the UFFO centre can enjoy the comfortable cafe. Garages and changing rooms are located in the basement. This provides barrier-free access to the interior. The UFFO centre offers a diverse, high-quality and surprising programme. What makes the UFFO different from many other cultural institutions is the effort to provide original dramaturgy; in other words – preferring artists who are inspired by the UFFO and feel comfortable with their productions here, whether in theatre, art or creative arts. This makes the UFFO’s genius loci, also boosting awareness of the UFFO as a phenomenon on the Czech cultural scene. The gallery also contributes to this concept. It provides an interesting area of challenge ideal for the presentation of current art trends, through new media and installations to design and architecture. The concept of exhibition projects focuses mainly on the presentation of contemporary art, preferring the younger generation of artists, respected personalities in Czech artistic society as well as foreign creators.

Opening hours:
Otevírací doba v zimním období:
úterý až neděle: 10:00 – 12:00, 14:00 – 17:00 hodin