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‘Rychorsky kriz’ Junction - Zacler

‘Rychorsky kriz’ Junction - Zacler
Rýchorský kříž Žacléř
Rýchorské náměstí 10, 542 01 Žacléř
Phone: 00420 499 739 225
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‘Rychorsky kriz’ is a junction and a mountain saddle in the eastern part of the Krkonose Mountains at the lower forest border (956 m a.s.l.) between Mravenecnik Mountain and the Rychory ridge. Several chalets around the junction are part of the Rychory mountain hamlet, administered from the town of Zacler. Rychorsky kriz lies some 3.5 km west of the town centre of Zacler. The intersection is within the Krkonossky National Park. It was named after a sculpted Baroque crucifix near the intersection. Rychorsky kriz is an important junction of the path ascending from the Suchy Brook valley from Dolni Alberice, which runs through the saddle and continues to Zacler, and the mountain ridge path from Rychorska chalet to Mravenecnik Mountain. The ridge path joins the red-marked tourist path from the Krkonose to Trutnov, also referred to as Capek Brethren’s Road. The green-marked tourist path to Zacler, and the yellow-marked tourist path along Snezne chalets to the south-eastern side of Dvorsky forest, begin at the intersection. It offers a nice view of the Vrani hory ridges to the east, and of the north-eastern parts of the Krkonose Mountains.