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Brewery – Rudnik

Brewery – Rudnik
Bývalý pivovar Rudník Bývalý pivovar Rudník
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The brewery in Rudnik was established in 1813 in a late Renaissance manorial seat built around 1600. The greatest boom came around 1880 when the brewery, then part of J. A. Kluge, expanded into a modern industrial company. The premises included the original building with offices, the malthouse and the cold plant, which is an exemplary modern industrial structure of the time. Built in 1891, it is two floors higher than the rest of the buildings, with the former company name still visible in the front face. The brewery was further modernised in 1895 with steam engines, a turbine and electric lighting throughout, in 1910 with a connection to a pipe feeding mountain water, and in the 1930’s when new technological buildings were added. The brewery ceased operations in 1951.