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Chapel of St. Isidore

Chapel of St. Isidore
Kaplička sv. Isidora Kaplička sv. Isidora 2
Masarykovo náměstí 140, 514 01 Jilemnice
Phone: +420 481 541 008
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Year 1719 could be found in historical sources as the date of construction of the chapel. St.Isidor is the patron saint of farmers. In 1854 the inventory of St.Lawrence Church and presbytery mentioned that in 1718 the chapel had already been renovated. Its baroque origin is proved by the two staircases at the sides leading towards a small cellar with once a mighty spring of water. In the past water used to be transported through a pipeline system to the chateau premises and town fountains. The water pipeline was gradually adjusted several times and a small part of the town used to be supplied with the water from this spring as late as the 1970s. According to a legend a nice lady (= Virgin Mary) appeared to a furriery journeyman once and she advised him to wash his ill eyes in the spring. After the journeyman´s miraculous recovery his father had a little chapel built in this place.