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Church of St. James

Church of St. James
Kostel sv. Jakuba Kostel sv. Jakuba Kostel sv. Jakuba Kostel sv. Jakuba -vstupní brána Kostel sv. Jakuba - věž kostel sv. Jakuba - interiér, varhany kostel sv. Jakuba - interiér, oltář kostel sv. Jakuba - cesta od kostela
Prostřední Lánov čp. 39, 543 41 Lánov
Phone: +420 499 432 083
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The Church of St. James the Greater (since 1637) was built on the so-called church hill as a Renaissance building in 1599-1603 with the participation of an important north Italian architect, Carlo Valmadi. Originally it was a wooden building, with the presbytery being the oldest part and dating back to probably before 1420. The spire was built in 1511-1518 and had a sundial on the southern side until 1832, when it was replaced by a dial clock. Stone Stations of the Cross can be seen in the churchyard, now without the paintings.