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Fairytale Krkonose

Fairytale Krkonose
Pohádkové Krkonoše Pohádkové Krkonoše 2 Pohádkové Krkonoše 3 Pohádkové Krkonoše 4 Pohádkové Krkonoše 5 Pohádkové Krkonoše 6 Dětský koutek
Rýchorské sídliště 146, 542 24 Svoboda nad Úpou
Phone: (00420) 499 692 953
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An exhibition of Krkonose elves and fairytale characters which Czech children know very well from their evening TV tales. It includes the Devil’s Mill, Golden Mine, River Upa Watermen, the Ice House, the Prophecy House, the Trutnov Dragon with Knight Albrecht, and newly the Cerny Dul Mine Elves with the Watcher of the Underground, who have settled underneath the stairway to the cellar. The exhibition includes a children’s corner and a place to sit for their parents who can have a coffee, tea or cask wine. You can buy a souvenir, a genuine Krkonose product or a common sea-buckthorn product.