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Former Girls’ School - Jilemnice

Former Girls’ School - Jilemnice
Bývalá dívčí škola
Masarykovo náměstí 140, 514 01 Jilemnice
Phone: +420 481 541 008
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The pseudo-Renaissance building of the former girls´ school was built according to the design created by the architect Jan Vejrych between the years 1897 - 1899. The citizens of Jilemnice were very proud of it. This school building still belongs to the most beautiful buildings in Jlemnice. Nowadays it´s a seat of one of the local basic schools. This basic school also has specialized cross-country skiing classes where young cross-country skiers are educated. Near the school there has been a copy of the statue of Virgin Mary Immaculata since 2011. It was the innkeeper František Trojan who had the original statue made in 1901. In 1970s the statue was taken apart and carelessly thrown into the grass behind the church, which had a bad impact on its condition. A copy of the statue was made thanks to the local “renovating“ club.