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Mencikova Textile Factory - Mileta

Mencikova Textile Factory - Mileta
Menčíkova textilka Menčíkova textilka Menčíkova textilka
Černý Důl 125, 543 44 Černý Důl
Phone: +420 499 435 106
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The original Mencikova textile factory in Cerny Dul, now Mileta a.s., Horice, is the last operational textile factory in the Krkonose. It was built by Josef Mencik in 1875 as a mechanical weaving plant, dye house, printing shop and starch plant. Its current appearance is a result of rebuilding and completion of the premises in the latter half of the 1920’s. It is occupied today by the weaving plant, finishing plant and dye works of the Mileta textile company.