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Monastery Garden in Vrchlabi

Monastery Garden in Vrchlabi
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Dobrovského 3, 543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: (00420) 499 456 111
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The garden, which connects the former Augustinian monastery in Vrchlabi, now the Krkonose museum of the National Park Administration, with the palace park in Vrchlabi, is now open after a year-long reconstruction. The reopened garden has three main parts. The area between the Krkonossky National Park Administration and the handicapped animals station features a new summerhouse, a wicker tunnel on which climbing plants are beginning to grow, and a walkway where everyone can easily try to perceive various surfaces by touch as opposed to ordinary perception by sight. The second part is the area near the small pond where an open-air geological exhibition has been built. It consist of large pieces of the Krkonose’s basic rocks and a raised decked area with seven double-sided information panels on the geology of the Krkonose Mountains. The largest part is the area beyond the monastery building, which consists of seven patterned flowerbeds presenting various types of the Krkonose’s flora, such as crocus meadows, the Krkonose’s typical herb-rich meadow, a pebble bank and a herb flowerbed, so typical for monasteries.