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Pancavsky Waterfall

Pancavsky Waterfall
Pančavský vodopád 2 Pančavský vodopád Pančavský vodopád 3
Svatopetrská 173, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: +420 499 423 818
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With a height of 148 m, the Pancavsky waterfall is the highest in the Krkonose. It is situated some 1 km south of Labska bouda chalet where the small River Pancava flows across cascades along the steep side of the Labsky dul valley, making a total gradient of 248 m, in the greatest of all Czech waterfalls. The Pancava is a right-hand tributary to the Labe into which it flows from a hanging valley above the glaciated valley of Labsky dul. The so-called Ambrozova viewing point near the waterfall offers a lovely view of the Labsky dul valley, the Kozi hrbety ridges, Kotel and Lysa hora mountains.