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Szrenica Mountain – Poland

Szrenica Mountain – Poland
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Szrenica (1362 m a.s.l.), also known as Jinonos in Bohemia, is the landmark of the western side of the Krkonose, being slightly detached towards Poland from the border ridge. Its pointed summit is accentuated by a mountain chalet near the chair lift from Szklarska Poreba and is also accessible via many hiking paths, including one which leads from the tourist border crossing near Vosecka chalet. Szrenica features granite rock formations, so-called tors. An articulate outcrop called Trzy Swinki, known as Svinske kameny in Bohemia, can be seen right on the state border on the mountain’s south-western side. An even more attractive site is a formation of huge rocks on the northern mountain side, called Konskie Lby, i.e. Horse Sculls. The actual summit of Szrenica is covered in a thick layer of rocks.